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Go-Play Centres have over the years, achieved excellence in innovation. Now providing our services for 0 - 18 Year Olds

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for 0 - 18 Year Olds

Go-Play is an award-winning establishment and has created a niche in its's market. Go-Play was started by Jenny Zimmermann in August 2017. In 2023, it was bought out by TZL Holdings with intended dedication to building and maintaining Go-Play into a Global Centre offering across relevant services. TZL Holdings vision for Go-Play is to offer a great experience for both adults and children where both can enjoy a unique experience while making the most of what the company has to offer.

What We Do: Providing a healthy and secure environment for children to play and grow is the forefront of the business. Go-Play is children's centre which includes a soft-play playground where kids may engage in arrange of activities that enhance their mental and physical talents under the guidance of our child-minders. Such activities include the following: industry approved, hygienic and child-friendly equipment, including slides, obstacles and mazes.

Go-Play dominates its area of operations through experienced management, marketing, and advertising. The company offers competitive pricing for quality products and services and has no major competitors in the area. On a regional scale there are few competitors that can match our offering and those who can are too far away from our area of operation to be of any concern.

Go-Play promises to offer impeccable products and services all while our clientele receive a much needed break while their children enjoy a fun day in a safe location while being looked after by our capable, fully trained staff.

Why Choose Us:
  • Promise to Customers: Staying true to our spoken words and the relationships formed with our customers is indeed the first step to creating a great experience for our customers.
  • Passion: Expressing joy, not only in our work but also in the people around us so that everyone can be daring, creative, and innovative. 
  • Teamwork: People can achieve something greater than themselves when they collaborate with Go-Play . 
  • Quality: The quality of Go-Play's products and services is judged by how well they are maintained, so the highest standards must be upheld.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Go-Play achieves it's success by bringing people from various backgrounds and experiences together in an environment whereby everyone has equal access to opportunities. 
  • Integrity: Everyone who represents Go-Play, its parent company TZL Holdings and all subsidiaries, as a whole must prioritise acting with strong ethics. 

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